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Over time, debris and dust can infiltrate your home’s air duct system. If left unaddressed, ducts and vents can become significantly clogged and no longer able to circulate air efficiently. This translates to higher energy costs and eventually problems with your overtaxed home heating and cooling system. Neglected ducts and vents also can cause breathing problems for those afflicted with asthma or allergies.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

Duct cleaning by Total Carpet Vent & Upholstery Cleaning Ltd. begins with a pre-cleaning inspection and consultation performed by one of our experienced technicians. Next we use a portable, truck-mounted vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your home’s furnace and evaporator coil, blower and vent covers. We then connect the vacuum to the main trunk line and dislodge stubborn dirt and debris using specialized agitation tools. Compressed air is blown through each air duct to ensure that all contaminants are removed during agitation. When the job is complete, we conduct a final inspection and depart, cleaning up any mess and leaving your home as we found it.

How Often Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Typically, your home duct system should be inspected every 7 – 10 years in order to determine whether cleaning is needed. However, some issues may arise that will affect your duct system and create a need for attention sooner than that. Duct cleaning is most efficacious after a home renovation project or when a leak or flood has allowed water to infiltrate your duct system. Also, new homeowners often will request that the ducts be cleaned when the previous owners were smokers or kept pets.

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Duct cleaning offers benefits that include cleaner, healthier indoor air and lower energy costs, so yes, duct cleaning is definitely worth the trouble and expense if it is performed correctly. If a service provider fails to follow proper duct cleaning procedures, it can cause indoor air problems.

The well trained and experienced technicians at Total Carpet Upholstery & Vent Cleaning Ltd. have many years of combined experience providing professional cleaning of dryer vents, furnace ducts and other systems to ensure that your equipment performs its best. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule a service appointment.

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